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Finding inspiration in the glorious Italian Renaissance, FAUSTI has created a revised version of a traditional work-shop where their ‘Boutique line” of fine, deluxe shotguns come to life.
The over and under and side by side shotguns in this line are perfect examples of how century-old craftsmanship and skills are now applied to the creation of models continuously evolving towards perfection, with a “neo-classical” taste.

The guns in this line are entirely hand finished and feature stocks in select walnut, engravings signed by the artists, barrels with outstanding ballistic performance and truly scaled frames.

This building philosophy also incorporates the use of the best possible materials, tighter tolerances, higher standards with stricter quality control tests over other mass produced guns. Extremely harmonious lines, balance of shapes and attention to every detail converge into the creation of the Fausti Boutique line. Here Fausti guns are not only the perfect combination of steel, wood and technology, but are also part of the new Italian Renaissance, becoming timeless objects of gunmaker's art.