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Gianni Lugari

By "Elective Affinities" one means the unexplainable and rare motivations which turn "accidental" encounters between two people into something special fed by mutual attraction and affinity.
The definition comes from a famous novel by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, but it could be more mundanely translated into "Mutual Love at First Sight".
I have been working with FAUSTI for over 15 years.
I must say that the firearms created through our cooperation based on trust "have paved the way" for the entire gun making industry in our nation.
As our country is at the very top of the list in the gun making world, it goes without saying that the gun making and ballistic experimentations promoted by me and FAUSTI have been truly beneficial to the entire hunting shotgun industry.
If what I have described above can make the initiators and stubborn perpetrators very proud, the "Elective Affinity" goes well above and beyond the synergy between a pure thinker (myself) and technology (FAUSTI).
From the very first meeting, it was clear that we had a common operating strategy to reach common goals: manufacturing firearms and calibers for the modern walk up hunter.
Even if we have reasons enough to reasonably think we have been able to meet our goals through pragmatic procedures, I will never be able to fully comprehend and/or explain that mix of "elective affinity" which takes me over inexplicably every time FAUSTI gives me a new firearm to test.
I can understand my "love at first sight" for a new, fine gun which meets my deepest wishes and desire. But what seems impossible to humanly comprehend is the "love at first sight" each new FAUSTI gun seems to feel once in my hands on a hunt.
My dear friends - don't ask me to add anything else. I have been trying to be a "Tombeur de Femmes" all my life (a ladies' man)! At almost 70, I can say I am at least a "tombeur des armes"(a guns' man). You may like it or not, but firearms built with passion come with a soul.
A true born hunter like me had no alternative but to feel incredible "elective affinity" with guns built by the Fausti sisters.



Giovanni Pierotti

Friends and acquaintances know that I do not speak much.
I love hunting doves and I enjoy driven hunts. I can truly identify myself with the silence of nature which I favor over any type of urban noise. My slow hunter's stride is an elegy to my passion that I renew every time I can.
I love to hunt alone or with a small group of loyal friends.
Three of these friends share the same material of all my dreams – like the Bard from Avon would say - and the same name: they are an over and under shotgun, a double rifle and a side by side shotgun.
They are all FAUSTI.
They have been built for me by a manufacturer I truly respect for the essential style, the precision and the total reliability of every gun made.
There is absolutely nothing better for someone like me who dreams and still knows how to dream of mythological hunts no words can fully describe.




Giacomo Cretti

My "Fausti" days.
Hunting and side by side shotguns are an unbreakable match fed by both memories of the past and young shooters' visions of the future. A side by side shotgun is like a "Pinocchio" of wood and steel which the workshop of our mind turns into a living companion to share endless adventures with.
A Pinocchio locked in a cabinet which comes back to life if you allow the steel of a receiver to almost caress you and re-live in your memories.
I cannot tell you how many times I have opened my gun cabinet just to escape from the day. I have looked down the barrels and got lost in the reflection of that soul of steel.
I feel a sensual joy when the palm of my hand slides over the rib checkering all the way up to the roundness of the fences and then down wide open on the side plates engraved with dreams.
And you can just imagine how I feel when my side by side eventually goes hunting with me.
Its ejector corners push against the palm of my hand, securely open while waiting to tighten its grip against the steel and free the force of the lead against the objects of my desire.
I enjoy my side by side when I throw not only shots but my whole heart against the sky.
I look at it, proud, while resting on a carpet of wet heather next to the always respected and honored harvest.
Going hunting for over 25 seasons I have shot many guns.
I grew up with an insatiable semiautomatic, matured with the technique of an over an under shotgun and now that the desire to possess is gone I truly enjoy the poetry of my side by side shotgun.
A Goddess – like the Fausti decided to call it.
Dedicated to the Queen of the woods - the woodcock!
But in reality dedicated to our never ending passion


Carlo Rizzini

While travelling to hunt all over the world, I have been able to test every type of firearm and ammunition in all climates.
It was only five years ago though that I had my first opportunity of shooting a FAUSTI gun.
That happened when I personally met the company owners and learnt that their belief in small calibers had led them to design and build a few true small bore “gems” ahead of everyone else in the industry.
We soon started sharing our ballistics and technical knowledge and together we designed a gun in .410 bore which I can define “indestructible”. 
Thanks also to my cooperation with the channel “Caccia e Pesca“ of the Sky TV platform, I have been able to travel extensively over the past few years and always with the pair of side by side shotguns kindly built for me by FAUSTI Gunmakers.
When the guns were ready, I knew that length of pull, balance, barrel length and chokes were right for me.
I just had to become familiar with the guns and start shooting them. I began by practicing target shooting at our private shooting club with excellent results in terms of patterns and killing power.
After doing that, I was able to harvest a white hare at over 45 m in Scotland and a rock partridge at over 50 m in Kirgikistan.
I shot almost impossible ducks in Argentina and snow geese in Sweden, fast grey wings in South Africa, white partridges in Iceland, capercaillie in Lapland, quick snipes in Ireland, grouse in Scotland and much more the world over.
I always trusted Casa Rizzini Irlanda Tour Operator (www.casarizzini.com) with my hunts because of their 20 years of international success organizing exclusive hunting and fishing expeditions all over the world.
On these trips I have scored more than 30 personal records – some of which are probably world records too - and always with my .410.
Same gun different game and destinations all documented in a series of TV shows After all that, I can definitely call myself the no 1 promoter of this wonderful caliber which is conquering the hearts of more and more lovers of true challenges.
I have been successful many times and I have shot over 30,000 rounds in less than 2 years but my two side-by-side FAUSTI shotguns have proven to be still perfect.
The best possible material used in the manufacturing process, FAUSTI'S willingness to listen and please, and their immediate service commitment make for a combination that is almost impossible to find elsewhere in the world of gun making The best of luck to all of you...


Daniele Cecchetti

I am the latest addition to the illustrious list of FAUSTI'S testimonials. My father Franco was a very capable trainer of English setters.
His legacy to me has been an incredible passion for dogs and hunting.
After graduating from Law School and travelling to hunt from the mountains of Abruzzo, to Europe and Russia, my passion has led me to work with various web sites and provide legal advice, which I believe to be helpful to people who share our passions.
I think I am a good communicator. Readers appreciate the subdued and cordiale tones of my interventions. Since 2005 I have been very pleased to work with the channel “SKY Caccia e Pesca” (SKY Hunting and Fishing) where I try to convey my passion and personal vision of the world of hunting.
As of right now, I am hosting a show called “Setter Adventures” on this channel.
In my journey of a hunter from the Abruzzo region of Italy I have crossed path with FAUSTI Gunmakers and the custom guns that are the signature of a company led by three dynamic sisters.
It is very exciting for me to shoot a FAUSTI gun now, especially after spending time at the company to be measured, discuss choke constrictions and all the details that make a FAUSTI a true bespoke gun.
I chose a 12 ga shotgun choked Cylinder and Modified as I wanted an all-purpose gun to be used in all hunting situations.
I am convinced that my enthusiasm combined with the incredible high quality of the FAUSTI shotguns will make the future bright – a future more and more “Italyco” just like the model name of my first FAUSTI shotgun!